Roots to Thrive

Resilience (group)

A 12 week Community of Practice program weaving together the medicine of unconditional positive regard and community to bring us back to wholeness

Remembering our inherent wholeness

We are born whole, thriving beings. Many of us learn early on that we are not good enough as we are and believe this to be true. We learn to identify with our roles, actions, and outcomes and are told repeatedly that the things we DO are what makes us whole, and worthy of love and belonging. Doing = Worth. To survive, we look to others for how to act and present ourselves, ensuring we secure the love and approval we need. After trading in enough pieces of ourselves to attain the approval of others, we eventually lose connection with who we are – our very spirit or being – that fuels our passion for life. Our body then sends distress signals, to alert us we are out of tune with our real selves. These signals often manifest as anxiety and depression.

Geraldine Manson, an honoured Snuneymuxw First Nation Elder, refers to the essence of who we are, as our pilot light. To tend this pilot light, we must be rooted deeply in the belief that we are indeed worthy, just as we are. The Roots the Thrive journey is not learning to be human, it is remembering our inherent wholeness.

If you are thinking of applying to be a participant in a Roots to Thrive program, here are some questions to help you decide if this is a good fit for you.

  1. Do you have the time, energy, and interest to be an engaged and consistent participant in a small group of people who become a bonded community over twelve weekly community of practice gatherings and three ketamine-assisted therapy sessions?
  2. If you are parenting, do you have solid child-care plans?
  3. Do you have a diagnosis of PTSD, depression, substance use disorder and/or anxiety that hasn’t shifted as well as you wish with medication, therapy, and other approaches although you have been doing your work and have made some progress?
  4. If you have self-medicated your distress with alcohol and/or drugs, is your life stable enough now to allow you to commit to a group process that counts on your open-hearted, fully present weekly participation?

Program Highlights

  • 12 weekly virtual communities of practice meetings
  • Small group supported by two facilitators
  • Multiple education and integration sessions
  • No doctor referral required
  • This is not a medical program

Program Cost: $2000 + tax

Upcoming Cohorts

There are currently no cohorts available for this program.

Please, stay in touch for future cohorts though the field below.

Stay in touch for future cohorts!

Roots to Thrive (RTT) has been a life changer for me. I felt broken inside and out and I felt I had to hide it. Having struggled with mental health issues for the past 35 years, I thought this was the way life would always be. Well, it doesn’t have to be any longer. The RTT program, with its amazing team, did not guide me on a journey to find a magical cure, but a journey to find my SELF and to BE. The relentless, plaguing, and self-destructive thought patterns are quieted. My true self was never broken, and never can be. There is HOPE, HEALING, and a FUTURE to look forward to. A life of gratitude to all those on my journey back to true self”

Past participant,