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A multi-disciplinary group of caregivers, curriculum, organizational, and administrative experts identified a need among caregivers amid the rising tide of professional burnout in healthcare and little to know comprehensive and evidence-based programs available to address it.  Motivated to address this need as a team, we applied for and won a Michael Smith Foundation for Research REACH Award to develop a curriculum that would address the most significant developmental factors that could bolster our ability to thrive amid highly stressful work environments.

The Roots to Thrive Curriculum is an open-access program that was built to fill a gap in resiliency training program offerings.  We spread the course over 5-6 weeks with two full days, three virtual sessions, and a final wrap-up session.  We selected the tools in the course based on research results, aiming to provide evidence-based tools that will promote sense of coherence and congruence (the two primary factors that enable us to thrive).  Because this is a research-based program, we aim to continue to pilot the program within a program of research, enabling us to evolve and adapt based on the results, ensuring it remains relevant and impactful.

Dr. Shannon Dames is the Principal Developer of Roots to Thrive and a core facilitator  Connect via Linkedin

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Marnie Roper works as a Spiritual Health Practitioner and serves as a co-developer and facilitator of the Roots to Thrive Curriculum.

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Other Key Contributors:

Lori-Anne Demers (Organizational Development Consultant, Course Developer)

Alexa Garrey (Research assistant – project empirical construction)

Andrea Hunter (RN and Trauma Informed Practice Facilitator)

Wendy Young (Research Coordinator/project networking and vetting)

Graham Blackburn (Primary Care Physician)

Marti Harder (RN and Nursing Professor)

Tine Reimers or assigned representative (Curriculum Development Consultant)

Dawn Nedzelski (Healthcare System Administrator)

Jeff Morley (Registered Psychologist and Resilience trainer)

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