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Through awareness, regulation, heart-fullness, and aligning, it becomes possible to connect to, and transform the collective consciousness.

Background: While the Roots to Thrive program is for all humans, it began as a program for professional caregivers.  A multi-disciplinary group of caregivers, curriculum, organizational, and administrative experts identified a need among caregivers amid the rising tide of professional burnout and moral injury in healthcare.  Motivated to address this need, we applied for and won a Michael Smith Foundation for Research REACH Award to develop a curriculum that would address the significant developmental factors that could bolster the ability to thrive amid highly individualistic (often disconnected) and stressful environments. Because the requirements of thriving apply to all humans, based on participant feedback, the program has now expanded beyond caregivers to include all people.

The Roots to Thrive Curriculum was developed to fill a gap in resiliency training program offerings. We spend the majority of the course developing inner and outer resources as we cultivate awareness, promote self-regulation, heart-full connection, and alignment with the ‘real’ self.   While based on science, the program focusses on experiential methods over 5-6 weeks with two full days, three virtual sessions, and a final face-to-face wrap-up session.  We cultivate inner and outer unconditional positive regard and develop evidence-informed inner resources that promote reconciliation by bolstering sense of coherence and congruence (the two primary factors that enable us to thrive).  We continue to pilot and evolve the program within a program of research, ensuring it remains relevant and impactful.

As a core value, we honour Truth and Reconciliation principles. We promote decolonization by recognizing conditioned ways of being that contribute to disconnection and oppression. From this aware and heart-full space, we can do the healing necessary to re-connect to self, to others, and to the planet. As we reconcile with self and others, we learn to walk in two worlds, tending to the inner, while navigating the outer. We come to know that while we may move faster alone, we are much stronger and can go much further together.

The Roots to Thrive Steering Committee

Dr. Shannon Dames works as a researcher, professor, and forensic nurse examiner.  She was the lead developer of the Roots to Thrive program and now serves as the Lead Researcher.  Connect via Linkedin

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Marnie Roper works as a Spiritual Health Practitioner and serves as the Lead for ongoing course development.

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Lori-Anne Demers works as a professional coach, operates ‘Authentic to the Core,’ and serves as the Lead for Roots to Thrive training and mentorship.


Val St. John served as the ED and CEO of the Association of Registered Nurses of BC, and now serves as the Lead for Roots to Thrive Operations.

Patti Telford works as a project manager with the Nurse and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC), and serves as the Lead for Roots to Thrive Marketing and Communication.

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