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Remembering our connection with self, community, and the natural world

In a world suffering from disconnection and insecurity, Roots to Thrive is a living curriculum that is designed to re-connect us to our true nature, to community, and to all that is. From this secure and embodied place, we remember the essence of who we are, the abundance of resources around us, and our innate capacity for healing.

Start your journey

Similarly to the uniqueness of us all as individuals, our healing journeys are unique. To determine if Roots to Thrive is a good fit for you, please review your eligibility.

Sustain our mission

We are a non-profit organization that relies on donations and sponsorships. We believe every human should have access to effective mental health care.

What is Roots to Thrive?

Roots to Thrive is a community of practice program, including the option of medicine-assisted therapy. Through a relational and evidence-informed process, we develop resilience through awareness, compassion for self and others, regulation of stress, and alignment with one’s unique purpose and calling.

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How are RTT Programs Structured?

Roots to Thrive programs are structured in a similar way. Following our intake process, participants attend an informational prep session two weeks before their first Community of Practice.  Preparation and integration sessions are woven through out the program to optimize results and promote durability.

What is the RTT Intake Process?

Participants will engage with our intake team to ensure fit and eligibility. This video provides an explanation about our multi step intake process.

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What is a Community of Practice?

A community of practice is a unique form of group therapy that uses a relational process to enable us to shift from one way of being to another. It is built on the belief that we as humans heal through ‘practicing’ in like intentioned and authentic relationships that mirror unconditional positive regard. The structure and process of a Roots to Thrive Community of Practice enables us to remember the unique essence of who we are, and the innate security that results when we experience the felt sense of community in our bodies (also known as secure attachment). By practicing in an intentional community environment, we develop the resilience and mental well being necessary to shed past trauma, and to live with meaning and purpose.

What the research says

A few words about the significant results.

The enclosed data includes the participants who screened positive for PTSD, depression, or generalized anxiety disorder upon entry into the RTI-KaT program. The pre-results were taken within 1 month of the program beginning and post-results were taken directly after the 12-week program was completed.


Screened negative 86%

Of 37 participants, 32 screened negative for PTSD following our 12-week program, resulting in an 86% success rate.

Generalized Anxiety

Significant clinical improvements 91%

Of 55 participants, 50 went into a milder category or showed significant clinical improvements following our 12-week program, resulting in a 91% success rate.


Significant clinical improvements 79%

Of 62 participants, 49 went into a milder category or showed significant clinical improvements following our 12-week program, resulting in a 79% success rate.

Life work functionality

Significant clinical improvements 92%

Of 65 participants with significant impairment, 60 reported significant improvements following our 12-week program, resulting in a 92% success rate.