Roots to Thrive

Training: Operational CoP

An 8-week Community of Practice (CoP) program designed for past participants of the RTT Experiential CoP program whom are looking to gain a deeper understanding and experience around the RTT process. Within the RTT structure, each cohort will engage on an 8 week journey that takes a deep dive into the different processes the RTT team uses on a day today basis.

Roots to Thrive Training: Operational CoP

The RTT Operational CoP program is geared toward professional therapists (or equivalent) and clinicians who aim to train in, and support, psychedelic-assisted therapies in both individual and group settings. The 8-week operational CoP focuses on a behind-the-scenes review of operations involved in developing and maintaining a psychedelic-assisted therapy program. Each week an RTT team-lead will provide education on core program functions including: guiding principles, team development/conflict resolution, psychedelic medicine treatment, psychiatry, intake, facilitation and set/setting medicine room protocols. The small group interdisciplinary learning environment is designed to ready practitioners looking to take the next step in creating a psychedelic-assisted therapy program.
  • Do you have the time, energy, and interest to be an engaged, open-hearted, and consistent participant in a small group?
  • Do you have access to reliable and stable internet to participate in video calls via Zoom?
  • If you are parenting, do you have child-care plans for weekly meetings?

Program Highlights

  • Approximate start date of May 1st, 2023
  • 8 weekly virtual community of practice meetings (2 hours each)
  • Small group supported by one RTT trained facilitator and rotating weekly guest speakers
  • Multiple education and integration sessions
  • Training sessions throughout, including Q and A
  • Numerous clinical and operational resources offered throughout and after
  • No doctor referral required

Program Cost: $3300 + tax

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Upcoming Cohorts

Training Operational CoP Cohort 1

Prep Session

April 28, 2023

First Community of Practice

May 4, 2023

Last Community of Practice

June 22, 2023

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The words Community of Practice…this is the sacred place where healing is encouraged and cultivated. Adding the medicine sessions has just sped up my healing. The most powerful things I have learned in this program is that it’s not about our stories. No one is expected to share details about how we ended up in the program, this created a culture of safety in my opinion. It’s about learning how to have compassion for yourself. It’s being reminded that everyone is on this journey, it takes practice and mindfulness to heal.

Past participant,