Roots to Thrive

Roots to Thrive Individual Ketamine

A program built on the foundations of Roots to Thrive (RTT) resilience theory, and customized to serve individual needs, including a range of three to six private ketamine-assisted therapy (KaT) sessions with a therapist and RN. In addition, multiple preparation and integration touch points are offered, as well as tools and resources – all promoting the ability to remember our wholeness, and to live inspired lives.

Finding our way back home

Welcome to our transformative program tailored for those seeking a truly personalized approach. If you’ve found that conventional mental health treatments have fallen short of your expectations, you’re not alone. Our program addresses the underlying factors behind chronic mental health conditions, with a special focus on unresolved trauma. Trauma has a way of becoming entrenched within us, trapped by our own nervous system in an effort to protect us. However, this can hinder our progress towards healing. That’s where medicines like ketamine come into play, unlocking a psychedelic and mind-expanding experience that fosters non-attachment and self-compassion. These powerful tools enable us to explore and release the areas of deep-seated trauma that might otherwise remain inaccessible. At our center, we recognize that true transformation takes time and dedication. Our approach is not a quick fix, but rather an opportunity to forge a profound connection with yourself at a deeper level—beyond the confines of your ego and the stress response. By incorporating ketamine as an adjunct to psychotherapy, within an environment of unconditional positive regard, we cultivate the path to ‘Roots to Thrive’. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where we embrace your unique needs and guide you towards lasting healing and growth. Together, we’ll unlock the potential for a brighter future, liberated from the burdens of the past.

If you are thinking of applying to be a participant in a Roots to Thrive program, here are some questions to help you decide if this is a good fit for you.

  1. Do you have the time, energy, and interest to be an engaged and consistent participant in individual sessions with a therapist?
  2. Are you able to set aside enough time to prepare and integrate your KaT sessions?  We encourage at least one day off of work directly after KaT sessions.
  3. If you are parenting, do you have solid child-care plans?
  4. Do you have a diagnosis of PTSD, depression, substance use disorder and/or anxiety that hasn’t shifted as well as you wish with medication, therapy, and other approaches although you have been doing your work and have made some progress?
  5. If you have self-medicated your distress with alcohol and/or drugs, is your life stable enough now to allow you to commit to a process that counts on your open-hearted and fully present participation?

Program Highlights

  • Currently accepting wait-list patients.  You can submit your information via the apply page to be placed on the wait-list to be contacted when sessions begin.  On the Program dropdown, select “RTT Ketamine (individual)” and on the Cohort dropdown, select “Interested in individual option(s)”.
  • Three-phased approach:
    • Preparation: Multi-step intake process and 3X60 minute virtual prep sessions with your therapist.
    • Treatment: Depending on the indvidual’s specific needs and intentions, a range of three to six individual Ketamine-assisted Therapy sessions (KaT) with a therapist and RN. Each session is approximately 4 hours in duration.  Sessions include 1:1 consultations with KaT MD to discuss dosage duration of treatment and dosage options.
    • Integration: Four 1-hour integration sessions with your therapist, plus the option of two 1-hour virtual sessions with a somatic energy modalities practitioner.
    • Prep sessions, KaT sessions and integration sessions are all individual, with a therapist and/or RN present.
    • Resources offered throughout care, including energy work and psychiatry.
    • Physician referral required from a primary care physician (Family Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or treating Psychiatrist).
    • Note: Out of province and out of country participants may have a higher price.
    • Upon completion of customized program, additional KaT sessions are available for between $700 and $1000 per session.

    Join our wait-list now and embrace this transformative journey towards healing and growth

Program Cost: $5340 to 7950 + tax

The program has provided a safe space to explore aspects of myself that many other mental health services did not touch. The group dynamic creates community, connection and a landing pad to process and build resiliency through the challenges of human nature. By seeing other’s strength and vulnerability, I can see my own with more clarity. The team is beyond open-hearted, knowledgable and supportive. If there is one take-home, having worked in the Western medical system for years, I am full of excitement and hope for the future of mental health with this program being offered and growing. When you have a doctor telling you to ‘listen to your heart’, you know you are in the right place!

Past participant,