Roots to Thrive

Training: Experiential CoP

A 12-week Community of Practice program designed for therapists and clinicians. We are weaving together the medicine of unconditional positive regard and the felt sense of community to create a felt experience while also learning a unique group process. 

Remembering our inherent wholeness, allowing us to share with others

The RTT Training CoP program is geared toward professional therapists (or equivalent) and clinicians who aim to train in and support psychedelic-assisted therapies in both individual and group setting. The 12-week CoP model focuses on the opportunities and challenges inherent in this advanced practice area, followed by collectively navigating complexities within a community of practice environment. The small group interdisciplinary learning environment is designed to augment one’s therapeutic capacity to provide safe and inclusive care. 
  • Do you have the time, energy, and interest to be an engaged, open-hearted, and consistent participant in a small group?
  • Do you have access to reliable and stable internet to participate in video calls via Zoom?
  • If you are parenting, do you have child-care plans for weekly meetings?

Program Highlights

  • 12 weekly virtual community of practice meetings
  • Small group supported by two RTT trained facilitators
  • Multiple education and integration sessions
  • Training sessions throughout, including Q and A
  • Numerous resources offered throughout and after
  • No doctor referral required

Program Cost: $2800 + tax

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Upcoming Cohorts

Training Experiential CoP Cohort 1

Prep Session

April 4, 2023

First Community of Practice

April 18, 2023

Last Community of Practice

July 4, 2023

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I entered this program feeling lost, alone, weak, and wrong in all of my emotions, thoughts and feelings. I was given a safe, accepting environment to express myself free of judgement and expectation within a group of individuals, exploring their own struggles. I was amazed with how quickly I was able to pull myself “out of the water” and breathe in the air. I began to settle into a state of calmness and finally was able to evaluate the trauma of the past year and the healing and recovery that was required in my life. Roots to Thrive did not fix me; it presented skills and a compassionate environment to find my voice and begin to speak my truth within my physical professional and personal world. This has made me stronger. I have continued to heal from my PTSD, learning to navigate my distrust and safety struggles within my professional environment. I have found my voice and worth in an environment that had forced me to be small and compromised my core beliefs in myself…I feel ready to finally be the nurse, mother, wife and leader I was always meant to be. My life is now reclaimed.”

Past participant,