Roots to Thrive

Training: Experiential CoP

A 12-week Community of Practice program designed for therapists and clinicians. We are weaving together the medicine of unconditional positive regard and the felt sense of community to create a felt experience while also learning a unique group process. 

Remembering our inherent wholeness, allowing us to share with others

The RTT Training CoP program is geared toward professional therapists (or equivalent) and clinicians who aim to train in and support psychedelic-assisted therapies in both individual and group setting.

The 12-week CoP model focuses on the opportunities and challenges inherent in this advanced practice area, followed by collectively navigating complexities within a community of practice environment. The small group interdisciplinary learning environment is designed to augment one’s therapeutic capacity to provide safe and inclusive care.

  • Do you have the time, energy, and interest to be an engaged, open-hearted, and consistent participant in a small group?
  • Do you have access to reliable and stable internet to participate in video calls via Zoom?
  • If you are parenting, do you have child-care plans for weekly meetings?

Program Highlights

  • 12 weekly virtual community of practice meetings
  • Small group supported by two RTT trained facilitators
  • Multiple education and integration sessions
  • Training sessions throughout, including Q and A
  • Numerous resources offered throughout and after
  • No doctor referral required

Program Cost: $2800 + tax

Upcoming Cohorts

There are currently no cohorts available for this program.

Please, stay in touch for future cohorts though the field below.

Stay in touch for future cohorts!

The program has provided a safe space to explore aspects of myself that many other mental health services did not touch. The group dynamic creates community, connection and a landing pad to process and build resiliency through the challenges of human nature. By seeing other’s strength and vulnerability, I can see my own with more clarity. The team is beyond open-hearted, knowledgable and supportive. If there is one take-home, having worked in the Western medical system for years, I am full of excitement and hope for the future of mental health with this program being offered and growing. When you have a doctor telling you to ‘listen to your heart’, you know you are in the right place!

Past participant,