Roots to Thrive

Training: KAT Experiential Intensive

Roots to Thrive (RTT) Experiential Training is designed for clinicians and therapists with at least two years of professional experience in mental health and who already have a basic level of training in psychedelic theory, who are seeking a lived experience with psychedelic medicine and an opportunity to apply theoretical principals to practice in a supervised practice environment. This 47-hour training intensive is a blend of virtual and in-person sessions for an experience preparing for, supporting therapy in non-ordinary states (via ketamine as the psychedelic agent), receiving therapy in non-ordinary states, and integration processes for self and others.

Bridging lived experience and psychedelic theory to the supervised practice environment.

The 47 hour training consists of the following:

  • Participate in intake sessions and conduct intake assessments with fellow peers, allowing individuals to practice diagnosing and receive feedback. Bring any questions or concerns to the larger group for discussion.
  • Receive preparation materials and engage in one-on-one prep sessions with a designated peer, providing feedback to each other. Bring any questions or topics of discussion to the larger group.
  • Receive knowledge, attitudes, and training (KAT) materials, and provide KAT sessions to others.
    • Each participants receives 2 KAT sessions and supports another in 2 KAT sessions.
  • Participate in group integration sessions, where individuals receive support and guidance in integrating their experiences. Additionally, offer one-on-one integration sessions to peers, providing personalized feedback and assistance.
  • Complete a referral form and share it with a designated peer for feedback and review.

For more details on the theoretical underpinnings of the program, please refer to our position statement.

If you are thinking of applying to be a participant in this Roots to Thrive training program, here are some questions to help you decide if this is a good fit for you.

  1. Do you have at least 2 years of professional experience in mental health and a basic level of training in psychedelic theory?  This is a requirement.
  2. Do you have the time, energy, and interest to be an engaged and consistent participant in a small group of people who become a bonded community that requires a commitment to attend and be fully present at all sessions.
  3. If you are parenting, do you have solid child-care plans?
  4. If you have are experiencing acute mental health challenges and/or have self-medicated with alcohol and/or drugs, is your life stable enough now to allow you to commit to a group process that counts on your open-hearted, fully present  participation?
  5. Are two ketamine-assisted therapy sessions adequate for your unique mental health situation? This program provides two ketamine-assisted therapy session (for those eligible). While this is adequate for some conditions, a typical treatment series includes 3 or more sessions.  For information on how to access a treatment only arm or to access further treatment after this hybrid (treatment-training) offering, please email us at


This 45 hour experiential training program may qualify for practicum hours at academic institutions.

Program Highlights

This arm of Roots to Thrive (RTT) programming includes 47 hours of treatment and training in a supervised practice environment (In person weekend on Vancouver Island, BC).

The Curriculum is a blend of virtual and in person:

  • RTT Facilitated sessions: 2 Virtual prep sessions
  • In-person (4) day Intensive on Vancouver Island British Columbia
  • Virtual Integration session surrounding KAT experiences.
  • Peer Facilitated sessions (Virtual) : (1) Intake session. (1) Prep session and (1) Integration session.

REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE: Comprehensive medical intake forms to be filled in, comprehensive psychological and medical screening, symptoms that qualify for a ketamine session (Participant will receive intake forms upon registration), verification of psychedelic medicine theory completion, verification of experience as a mental health practitioner.

MINIMUM PARTICIPATION: Roots to Thrive is a non-profit organization and requires a certain number of participants to put the training on to ensure we are able to cover our costs.

READY TO REGISTER? go to the apply section and fill in your information. For program select “RTT Training: Experiential Intensive” and for Cohort select the Experiential Intensive Cohort you are interested in.  You can find dates for upcoming cohorts here. Once you register you will receive a follow up email with further directions.

Program Cost: $3500 + tax

Upcoming Cohorts

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I actually have true hope and I can’t say I had that before… I am finally able to allow myself guilt free rest (that my body desperately needs) and this is the first time I can truly say, being in my body is ok – it’s not a place I need to run from. It is my home. We can work together. I can feel true deep love again and I didn’t even realize that I couldn’t before. I can feel my heart entirely without running away from what’s in there; I am free. This program has quite literally saved my life.

Past participant,