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Revolutionizing Mental Heath: Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

ARNBC Webinar – Why are you thriving when I’m barely surviving?

Roots to Thrive

ASC Spring 2018 Episode 8: Self Compassion

Psilocybin and ketamine-assisted group therapy workshops with Dr. Shannon Dames


March, 2022

Psychedelic Therapy with Shannon Dames

January, 2022

Treating Mental Health with Groundbreaking Psychedelic Therapy Methods

June, 2021

Routine Checkup: Ketamine Assisted Therapy with Dr. Shannon Dames.

February, 2020

Men’s Group Facilitation Tips with Chris Wilson and Phil Dames.


Cohort 6 – Part 1

Cohort 6 – Part 2

Cohort 5 – Session 3


April, 2022
The program hopes to create an environment that is safe and effective for the use of psychedelics.
February, 2022
Vancouver Island University is set to become the first accredited university in Canada to launch a psychedelic-assisted therapy course.


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