Darlus Jonsson

Darlus Jonsson

Somatic Energy Modalities

Darlus has always been curious about the mind/body connection.  Working 30 years as a fitness and Stott Pilates instructor, Darlus noticed how emotional energy affected mobility, strength and motivation.

This prompted her to start reading Donna Eden’s work on Energy Medicine. When her two year old Granddaughter started stuttering, Darlus used two of Donna Eden’s recommended exercises with her Granddaughter, who ceased stuttering after 5 days. This motivated her to commit to four years of study, towards her Eden Energy Medicine, Advanced Practitioner certification.

Darlus uses her skills to work with the subtle energy systems of the body, helping clear old patterns, habits and thoughts and allowing space for creativity, vitality and joy.

Other Somatic Practitioners

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