Roots to Thrive

Psilocybin for depression

A program built on the foundation of Root to Thrive (RTT) resilience development theory, and designed for those with depression that has been hard to treat with traditional treatment methods. The program provides one individual psilocybin-assisted therapy (PaT) session, with multiple preparation and integration support sessions.

Rediscovering wholeness

Unlock the transformative potential of RTT-PAT, designed to bring relief to those burdened by Treatment Resistant Depression. When traditional methods seem to have fallen short, leaving symptoms unresolved, we understand the frustration. Depression’s intricate web can become entangled within our very being, safeguarded by the protective mechanisms of our nervous system.

Enter the realm of psychedelic medicines, like psilocybin, which have the remarkable ability to cultivate non-attachment and self-compassion, granting us access to the elusive pockets of emotional entanglement. With this newfound connection, we can navigate around the nervous system, liberating ourselves from the grip of stored trauma.

Our program has acquired exemptions through Health Canada’s Special Access Program. For those who meet the qualifying criteria, our dedicated team is here to guide and support you through the SAP application process.

If you are thinking of applying to be a participant in a Roots to Thrive program, here are some questions to help you decide if this is a good fit for you.

  1. Do you have the time, energy, and interest to be an engaged and consistent participant in multiple preparation and integration sessions, as well as a face to face psilocybin session?
  2. If you are parenting, do you have solid child-care plans?
  3. Do you have a diagnosis treatment resistant depression that hasn’t shifted as well as you wish with medication, therapy, and other approaches although you have been doing your work and have made some progress?
  4. If you have self-medicated your distress with alcohol and/or drugs, is your life stable enough now to allow you to commit to a process that counts on your open-hearted, fully present participation?

Program Highlights

  • Currently accepting waitlist patients only
  • Program follows a 3 step process:
    • Preparation (all virtual):  thorough intake with our intake team and 2 preparation sessions with your therapist
    • Treatment (face to face):  an 8 hour psilocybin session with your therapist and RN
    • Integration (virtual):  an opportunity to integrate your psilocybin session with your therapist in a 1:1 setting.
  • Multiple education and integration sessions
  • Physician referral required
  • All patients must have an approved SAP application in place in order to participate
  • Please note:  out of province participants are subject to a higher price

Program Cost: $2300 + tax

The program has provided a safe space to explore aspects of myself that many other mental health services did not touch. The group dynamic creates community, connection and a landing pad to process and build resiliency through the challenges of human nature. By seeing other’s strength and vulnerability, I can see my own with more clarity. The team is beyond open-hearted, knowledgable and supportive. If there is one take-home, having worked in the Western medical system for years, I am full of excitement and hope for the future of mental health with this program being offered and growing. When you have a doctor telling you to ‘listen to your heart’, you know you are in the right place!

Past participant,