Optional Group Psychiatry Session (Mindfulness)

Thank you for your interest in signing up for a weekly mindfulness group session offered by Dr. Matthew Ta

What:  Weekly group mindfulness sessions to support your RTT journey:  These groups will offer a space for weekly meditation, reflection and processing in a group setting that will be partially guided but also open ended, explorative and supportive.

Before and after KAT sessions, there can be different emotional and psychological themes that come up for people, and this will offer more open ended time for people to feel into and express themselves, which is important for preparation and integration.

Who:  This offering is open to all alumni of RTT.

When:  dates/times are below.  The sessions run every Thursday from 12-2pm 

Structure of group: The first 10 minutes will be welcoming everyone and space to get settled.  After the opening, there will be 10 minutes for silent meditation, then 10 minutes of journaling/creating art. Following this, there will be 90 minutes of group discussion (people can share what came up for them during the meditation, and what they journaled about/what art they made).

Where:  all sessions will be virtual.

To sign up, select from the options below.  Please note:  if you sign up for a session, please make sure you attend.  If you are unable to attend, please let alumni@rootstothrive.com and matthew@rootstothrive.com know at least 48 hours in advance.  If you do not attend a class you signed up for, it may effect future participation.  Thank you.

Mindfulness groups with Dr. Matthew Ta

To sign up for a group session facilitated by Matthew, please select the session below.  Each session is approximately 2 hours and has a maximum of 10 participants.  Participants can sign up for more than one session.  Depending on demand, there may be additional offerings.