Who is eligible to apply to participate in RTT-KAT

If you are thinking of applying to be a participant in the Roots to Thrive program with Ketamine Assisted Therapy, here are some questions to help you decide if this is a good fit for you.

1.) Do you have the time, energy, and interest to be an engaged and consistent participant in a small group of people who become a bonded community over twelve weekly community of practice gatherings and three ketamine-assisted therapy sessions? 

2.) If you are parenting, do you have solid child-care plans?

3.) Do you have a diagnosis of PTSD, depression, substance use disorder and/or anxiety that hasn’t shifted as well as you wish with medication, therapy, and other approaches although you have been doing your work and have made some progress? 

4.) If you have self-medicated your distress with alcohol and/or drugs, is your life stable enough now to allow you to commit to a group process that counts on your open-hearted, fully present weekly participation?

One of the few possible contraindications for taking Ketamine is a history of uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure). In many cases, hypertension can be managed and brought to an acceptable level with help from your physician, Nurse Practitioner, or other care provider.

We have a commitment to providing a therapeutic environment for all participants as we continue to develop our capacity as a team. Wanting to support consistent and specialized care for those with complex psychiatric histories, we are currently not including them in this program.