Why combine medicine with psychotherapy?

In the Roots Program, the primary medicine for mental distress is connection to community. We provide this medicine through Roots to Thrive Communities of Practice. Within this framework, medicine-assisted psychotherapy is a secondary, supportive tool to promote a greater ability to connect inwardly and outwardly.

For many, traditional mental health treatments have failed. Unresolved trauma is often a core factor at the root of chronic mental health conditions. Medicines that promote a psychedelic effect, translated as mind loosening/ mind manifesting, cause the ego and the nervous system that responds to it, to fall into the background. From here, we have a greater ability to access and release stored trauma, which can get stuck in the emotional and physical body. These treatments are not a quick fix, rather they provide an opportunity to connect at a deeper level (past the veil of the ego and the stress response) than one can with psychotherapy alone. By using medicines as psychotherapy adjuncts (beginning with ketamine-assisted therapy and evolving to include others as they become available), we are cultivated ‘Roots to Heal.’

Roots to heal is an out-patient medical collaborative combines Roots to Thrive communities of practice with medicine-assisted psychotherapies. The program was co-developed by dozens of thought leaders with decades of experience in medicine, psychiatry, spiritual health, psychotherapy, cultural safety & inclusion, somatic energy modalities, and research.

Based on evidence and informed by talented thought leaders, ‘Roots to Heal’ is an out-patient health collaborative aiming to activate the innate, individual and collective human capacity for healing and resilience.

In light of all that is happening in the world right now, the first offering is for healthcare professionals who are suffering from treatment resistant depression or PTSD. If you are a healthcare provider who wants to participate in our first cohort, please complete the short online questionnaire at the bottom of this page to ensure mutual suitability. If values and intentions align, we will proceed to an initial assessment (virtually) with two members of our intake team.

Funds and in-Kind offerings provided by Island Health, Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Regional Incentives Funds, Numinus Wellness, Cedars at Cobble Hill and philanthropic funds.

Interested in joining the Roots to Heal Program? If you are a healthcare provider, fill out the form below and someone from our intake team will contact you within 24 hours to set up a complimentary consultation. For others wanting to stay connect for future offerings, please go to the contact us section of the website and subscribe or send us a message.