Virtual circles

Amid these unusual times, whereby face to face gathering is limited, we are forming Roots to Thrive Virtual Circles to cultivate connection and to promote resources that minimize stress and maximize thriving.

Based on demand and as we receive inquiries, we will assemble groups to meet at regular intervals. There is no financial obligation to contribute. However, if you want to provide an offering to the facilitators, please do feel free. Regardless of your ability to contribute financially, we welcome and encourage your participation.

In light of all that is happening in our world, of anytime we need meaningful connection, it is now. Some of us are going to feel more isolated than others as we work through these challenging times, and as a community we have the opportunity to creatively come together to cultivate connection, which mitigates stress (fear, anxiety). We aren’t wired for isolation. To thrive, we need spaces that cultivate connection and expression. During this time, Roots to Thrive is offering a space for those who would like to take part in a circle, connect in a meaningfully authentic way and to witness doing the same.

Our Virtual Circles are capped at a maximum of 12 participants. This ensures enough time for everyone to participate. Our circles are based on the evidence-informed ‘Roots to Thrive’ curriculum, aiming to promote thriving by fostering spaces of unconditional positive regard, to expand awareness, promote regulation/stress mitigation, open heartedness, and alignment. Each participant will be required to agree to our circle agreements and is asked to commit to attend all 4 of the virtual sessions.

To Enroll or Inquire: Submit your name, email and preferred time of day to meet virtually (see below). As we receive inquiries we will assemble the circles into groups based on their preferred time to gather.

Each time the circle gathers, the meeting will carry the same structure, only the topic we share will change. The meeting will begin with a review of the intentions and agreements or any other pertinent items that pertain to the group or specific meeting. Before we enter into the sharing portion of each meeting (check in) it is vital for us to slow down by utilizing a guided meditation. This allows us each to bring more self awareness, allowing us to connect with ourselves and others. Each meeting will be no longer than 2 hours.