The Treasure in The Cave of Wonders

A parable by Graham Walker, a treasure among us…

One day, two brothers went out in search of The Cave of Wonders. They had been told by the village Elders that The Cave was a place of profound healing and wisdom, filled with magic and treasure.  

After a long journey, the brothers found The Cave and, though its dark, mysterious entrance filled them with trepidation, they both closed their eyes and stepped across the threshold. The brothers fell into the darkness, and each landed in their own special part of The Cave, with unique teachings and treasures meant just for them. 

The first brother was utterly amazed by the sparkling treasures that laid before him. The Cave spoke to him and gently urged him to stay and steep in the magic and mystery. But, this brother ignored The Cave’s invitation. Instead, he focused his mind on the importance of bringing the treasure to the outside world – for he knew these treasures were invaluable and could help him, his village, and the world at large, immensely. 

So, this brother went to work filling his pockets with as much treasure as he could carry, delighted in the thought of how these gifts would help the world. However, the more he filled his pockets the more the Cave of Wonders began to dissolve around him. Noticing this, he began filling his pockets more frantically, wanting to save as much treasure as possible before his time ran out. 

Then, suddenly, he found himself standing outside the Cave, feeling a little sad for having to leave so soon. Nevertheless, he ran back to his village to share with his people the treasures he had taken. As he arrived, he imagined the glory and triumph his gifts would evoke. But, when he emptied his pockets in front of his people, all he found were slips of paper with the word “Treasure” written on them. The people of the village were not so impressed by these treasures as this brother had hoped, and he was left feeling puzzled, frustrated, and disappointed. 

Meanwhile, the second brother had accepted The Cave’s invitation to let go and surrender to the magic and mystery around him. He basked in the treasure without any notions of trying to figure it out or take it with him. Eventually, when the time was right, The Cave carried him upward and he found himself outside once again. He walked slowly and quietly, pausing occasionally to notice and appreciate the world around him. When he returned to the village, he felt a little lighter and a little more at ease. He also seemed to move among his people with a little more harmony and to connect with each of them with a little more love. 

The first brother observed the second brother and recognized that his brother’s very being in the world was of help to their people. He wondered what was different about his brother and how this change had occurred. But, when the sun shone on his brother in just the right way, he saw the answer – for his brother now sparkled as the treasure itself. 

The End.