Roots to Heal: An outpatient medical collaborative

The Roots to Heal program is run through Vancouver Island University and supported by the Island Health Authority. The program evolved from the Roots Theory in conjunction with a talented group of thought leaders and experts with decades of experience in psychiatry, cultural safety, and spiritual health.  Based on evidence, Roots to Heal is an out-patient health collaborative that addresses treatment resistant depression and PTSD. With the combination of communities of practice and ketamine-assisted therapy, we activate the innate, individual and collective human capacity for healing, resilience, and spiritual transformation.

As an initial offering and with the support of a generous philanthropic donation, Roots to Heal is partnering with local agencies and experts to co-develop and sponsor a treatment program that combines the Roots to Thrive program with ketamine-assisted therapy.

In light of all that is happening in the world right now, the first offering is for healthcare professionals who are suffering from PTSD or depression. If you are a healthcare provider (ideally on Vancouver Island) who wants to participate in our first cohort, please complete the short online questionnaire at the bottom of this page to ensure mutual suitability. If values and intentions align, we will proceed to an initial assessment (virtually) with two members of our intake team.

Interested in joining the Roots to Heal Program? If you are a healthcare provider, fill out the screening form below. Because this form is solely to ascertain suitability, a first name is all that is required. Someone from our intake team will contact you. For others wanting to stay connected for future offerings, please go to the contact us section of the website and subscribe or send us a message.