The Roots to thrive Journey

Activating our innate, individual and collective human capacity for resilience

The Roots to Thrive journey promotes the development of personal resources that buffer us from stress and promote a greater ability to thrive. With deep resilient roots we can access the inner resources necessary to self-actualize into our highest, most authentic self.   The core evidence-informed concepts from which the work emerges are sense of coherence and congruence.

Roots that thrive are deeply grounded in personal authenticity (congruence) and inner sense of confidence in one’s connection and resources to navigate the inner and outer the world (sense of coherence). From this place of wholeness, we cultivate an ability to live with purpose, joy, courage, and compassion.  

The work is not about learning to be human; it is a remembering of our inner resources, our desires, values, and passions by reconnecting to our bodies and spirits.  As we act from a felt sense of wholeness, we align and pendulate between the inner world and the environment, people, and activities of the outer world. The two core concepts from which the experiential work emerges are sense of coherence and congruence.

Sense of coherence (SOC) centres on our orientation to life.  Our ability to reframe and resource with confidence and optimism.  Our degree of SOC informs meaning making, comprehension / predictability, and confidence / self-efficacy.  Awareness (mindfulness) is key for developing our sense of coherence.

Congruence centres on our orientation to self.  It is the aligning of our ‘real’ (actual) and ‘ideal’ (potential) self.  Authentic self expression and deepening self-compassion are key for developing congruence.

By developing congruence and sense of coherence, the two primary factors that promote thriving, we come to remember our who we are from a place of wholeness, enabling us to creatively and confidently access all our resources.  As a result, we navigate stimuli before they become stressors and ultimately, we develop a greater ability thrive.

Drawing on cultural safety and trauma-informed principles, and humanistic and transpersonal psychology, Roots to Thrive welcomes diverse peoples into sacred circles to share learnings and core practices that:

·         Cultivate and expand our inner resources

·         Empower us to regulate stress and heal trauma

·         Deepen in compassion, enrich relationships with others and our environment 

·         Attune to and align with our essential purpose

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