A journey of remembering…

The course cultivates the personal resources that buffer us from stress and promote a greater ability to thrive. Within our roots we can access the inner resources necessary to self-actualize into our highest, most authentic self.   The core concepts from which the work emerges are sense of coherence and congruence.

The work is not about learning to be human; it is a remembering of our inner resources, our desires, values, and passions by reconnecting to our bodies and spirits.  As we act from a felt sense of wholeness, we align and pendulate between the inner world and the environment, people, and activities of the outer world. The two core concepts from which the experiential work emerges are sense of coherence and congruence.web figure 1

Sense of coherence centres on our orientation to life: our sense of meaning, comprehension / predictability, and confidence / self-efficacy.  Mindfulness practice is key for developing our sense of coherence.

Congruence centres on our orientation to self.  It is the aligning of our ‘real’ (actual) and ‘ideal’ (potential) self.  Deepening self-compassion is key for developing congruence.

When combined, congruence and sense of coherence enable us to thrive, to be deeply rooted in personal authenticity and in connection with the world, mindfully living with purpose, joy, courage, and compassion. 

Roots to Thrive Course Outline

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