In Roots to Thrive there are some common phrases that have organically developed over time, capturing the essence of the program.  The ‘pilot light’ (a teaching of Elder Geraldine Mansion) represents inner connection: the essence of who we are, the light within us, and our connection to all that is. The ‘golden rope’ (inspired by Shannon and Phillip Dames) represents outer connection. The color gold calls in illumination, love, compassion, courage, inspiration and wisdom.  A rope symbolizes the joining of individual parts to make a stronger, more secure whole.

The most powerful medicine flows through connection to the pilot light within us, and the felt sense of ‘community’ among us. The word community remains a cognitive construct, until one believes they are unconditionally regarded within it. From this place of security, community becomes a soothing tune in our body. Just like learning a musical instrument, we learn the tune of community by practicing receiving and then mirroring unconditional positive regard.  We may not see the connection to our healing, but we can feel it. This feeling happens when community transforms from a concept into a lived experience. It is a place where we know that we are enough, and that we have enough.

Through intention and authentic, trustworthy relationships, we immerse in the tune of unconditional positive regard, enabling it to sink deeply into every cell of our BEing. From this secure, abundant place, transformations happen.

This golden thread is a tangible reminder of the tune of unconditional positive regard, serving as a lighthouse as we begin to securely attach to ourselves and others.

In this attachment, we come to believe that are indeed:

  • safe and protected.
  • supported to be our best self.
  • seen, known, and understood.
  • worthy of soothing and comfort when we feel hurt.
  • delightful, just by BEing (no DOing necessary).

As you immerse in this collective tune, imagine a golden light shining from your heart, connecting to the heart of dear others, to all humans, to the natural and spiritual world. Drop below the surface of life to listen deeply. Cultivate a sense of curiosity about how your inner pilot light merges with the collective light of the world. From this connected place, you will naturally synchronize with the flow of life on the surface. In this flow, the rewards of BEing always outweigh the effort of DOing.

May the golden rope serve as a tangible reminder that while we may use various tools to regulate and connect to the whispers of the heart body, the most powerful medicine flows through connection to the pilot light within us, and the felt sense of ‘community’ among us.