Support Us

Through partnership with The Vancouver Island University Foundation, you have the ability to contribute to the Roots The Thrive-Ketamine Assisted Therapy Project, and potentially receive a tax deduction*. As a contributor, your funds go towards the sponsorship of individuals, a partial cohort, or full cohort(s) to go through our 12 week out patient program. Your contribution can be specified for a specific group suffering from PTSD or treatment resistant depression (first responders, veterans, healthcare workers, those who ID as male, those who ID as female, etc).

We are currently accepting donations to be allocated towards the funding of our next cohort of health care workers suffering from PTSD and treatment resistant depression. The funding needed per cohort of 28 patients is $100,000.

Our program is governed by Vancouver Island University and in collaboration with The Vancouver Island Health Authority.

*: We do not provide tax advice. You tax advisor must verify whether or not your contribution is tax deductible