RTT For Survivors

RTT For Survivors is a 4 week Community of Practice (CoP) program that is designed for those who have been harmed by sexualized violence within the psychedelic therapy space.

This program is facilitated by two RTT trained facilitators and is 4 weeks in duration.  The intention of each CoP is to co-create a space of unconditional positive regard, allowing participants to show up in ways they need to.  From this space, new connections are formed, layers are shed and healing takes place.

Who participates?  This program is designed strictly for those who have been harmed by sexualized violence within the psychedelic therapy space.  Participants are with the same group and same facilitators each week. 

Where is the gathering?  Each week, participants gather virtually with their facilitators.  There is a different topic each CoP and everyone in the group has an opportunity to speak specifically to their experience, as it relates to the topic of the week.  Co-creating a space to allow these conversations to take place allows for both sharing and compassionate witnessing at the same time.

How is each meeting structured?

  • Opening
  • Cover admin items
  • Quick overview of the topic for session
  • Pause practice (guided meditation of sorts)
  • Quick check in:  a simple somatic check in naming 1-2 physical sensations and 1-2 emotions you’re experiencing
  • Longer check in: an opportunity for each participant to speak to the topic of the week.  Questions/prompts are provided to guide the sharing.
  • Check out/closing:  same as quick check in
How much does it cost to participate?  Participation is by donation and supports the participation of survivors of sexualized violence.  As a non-profit society, this is one of the ways we want to give back to the community.  There are costs to running this program (approximately $300 per participant) so any contribution is helpful.
What are the dates?  We are still working on establishing the dates of the next CoP.  Please apply below to be placed on the waitlist.
Is this considered therapy?  No, this is considered a facilitated Community of Practice with the intention of co-creating a space for survivors of sexual transgressions within the psychedelic space.  Pain shared is pain lessened and sharing within a community where one feels safe can provide relief for some folks.

If you would like to be placed on the wait-list, please submit your information below.  Email navigator@rootstothrive.com with questions or concerns.  Thank you.

RTT For Survivors

To be placed on the waitlist for the upcoming CoP please submit your information below and then send an email to navigator@rootstothrive.com to confirm your inquiry was received.