RTT Alumni CoP C1-C10

Thank you for your interest in signing up for a Roots to Thrive Alumni CoP + optional KAT session

An 8-week Community of Practice program with optional KAT session for those who have already completed an initial RTT program and want to continue the process of weaving together the medicine of unconditional positive regard and community. The Alumni program picks up and deepens the themes that were introduced in the RTT Ketamine and RTT Resilience programs.  This program is open to those who have participated in and completed any RTT Programming, including professional training.

Please note:  the 8 week CoP is open to all alumni.  The optional KAT session is restricted to those who have already received Ketamine assisted therapy through RTT. 

Below are some program highlights and details that can assist in answering your questions

Program highlights:

  • 8 weekly virtual CoP meetings (~2 hours each)
  • Each small group supported by a regulated professional
  • Multiple education and integration sessions provided
  • Optional KAT session add-on
  • No doctor referral required

Who can sign up?  All alumni who have participated in any RTT programming (group or individual) can sign up for the CoP.  The optional KAT session is restricted to those who have already received Ketamine assisted therapy through RTT.

When does it start and when are the CoP gatherings?

  •  The first CoP is April 24th and the last CoP is June 12th, 2024
  • The CoP gathering is each Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm PST

When is the optional KAT session?

  • May 25th (time TBD)
  • Integration session: May 27th, 6:30-8:30pm PST
What is the theme/topic for the 8 weeks?   Self-awareness and personal growth:  We will explore the value of expanding awareness and personal insight within the realms of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours (as well as the shadow realms of the unconscious!). A variety of perspectives and practices will be shared to help us embody this theme and carry it forward into our lives.  
What is the cost?   $600 + GST for 8 week CoP.  $1,300 + GST for 8 week CoP plus one KAT session.  Payment via e-transfer or cheque required before first CoP session.
How do I sign up?  Please fill out the form below
What if I have questions?  You can email questions to alumni@rootstothrive.com

RTT Alumni CoP + optional KAT sesion sign up

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