Roots to Heal Leadership Team

A Vancouver Island based outpatient medical collaborative of >25 integrative health clinicians, researchers, resilience facilitators, and policy makers. Our executive team brings over a century of combined experience that spans from public to private markets and the financial sector to the healthcare sector. Our mission is simple: to work in collaboration with our patients and partners, so they can begin healing from the inside out.

Dr. Crosbie Watler

Medical Director

Dr. Crosbie Watler completed his MA in Psychology at Lakehead University, before going to Medical School at McMaster in 1988. Following medical school, Dr. Watler completed his residency in psychiatry at Dalhousie University. Upon completion he worked in Kenora, Ontario from 1995-2001, where he was Chief of Psychiatry at the Lake of the Woods District Hospital. In 2001 Dr. Walter relocated to Duncan BC with his wife and their three children, working within Island Health and served as Medical Director and the Deptartment Head for Psychiatry. Dr. Watler has practiced in multiple settings including, tertiary, inpatient, outpatient and ACT.  Dr. Watler’s current interests focus on incorporating the best of modern medicine with holistic/integrative health. Dr. Watler is the lead psychiatrist for the Roots Program, forging new pathways to alleviate suffering related to mental distress.

Dr. Shannon Dames

Founder, Director of Research and Development

Dr. Shannon Dames comes to the Roots to Heal team with a focus on research and development, ensuring program methods are evidence-informed. She developed the Roots Theory and works as a nursing professor, and resilience researcher. As a byproduct of her doctoral work that focused on the core factors that promote human flourishing, Dr. Dames led a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to develop the Roots to Thrive program. She also serves as the project lead for a multi-agency effort to make ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (embedded in resilience development) available in the health authority on Vancouver Island.

Phil Dames

Founder, Director of Business Development

Phil comes to the Roots to Heal program with a history of working with families and corporations, managing nearly every facet of their financial wellbeing. Phil’s passion surrounds mens health and the cultivation of environments that promote emotional awareness and expression. Phil has developed the Roots to Thrive Virtual Program and is leading the virtual offerings of Roots to Thrive in partnership with the Ladysmith Family and Friends (LaFF) Resource Program.

Helen Watler

Director of Cognitive Somatic Energy Modalities

Helen comes to Roots to Heal with a background in integrative health delivery. She earned advanced certifications in Eden Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Her work heightens awareness at the level of body-mind, supporting the innate capacity for healing. Helen is playing a lead role on the patient intake team, providing expertise in the area of cognitive somatic energy modalities,