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  Pause.  I’m in shock.  How did I get here again?  Shit!  I’ve been swept away, like surfing on a tidal wave, feeling high and accomplished when on it but seeing the falsehood of this as the wave washes away and I am sitting in it’s path of destruction.  I’m sitting at the bottom of myself, in a … Read more

The Journey

By Kelsey Voysey. A personal account by a fellow traveler #1 WorkdaysThe alarm goes off. Morning. 6am. The routine is always the same. Either roll over and go back to sleep, the world of dreams more comfortable than my consciousness; or pick up my phone and scroll mindlessly. Numb. Anything to keep my mind occupied … Read more

What do I ‘Want’ OR What do I ‘Need?’

By: Crosbie Watler, MD, FRCPC On starting my day this morning, l reflected—as l often do—on the question:  “How do l want to feel today?”  Focus on how we want you feel, then make choices that might get us there.  At face value, this seems reasonable enough. This time and for reasons that are unclear, … Read more

The Treasure in The Cave of Wonders

A parable by Graham Walker, a treasure among us… One day, two brothers went out in search of The Cave of Wonders. They had been told by the village Elders that The Cave was a place of profound healing and wisdom, filled with magic and treasure.   After a long journey, the brothers found The Cave … Read more

Music as Medicine

Written by Phil and Shannon Dames Combined with intention and a secure set and setting, music is an excellent way to metabolize strong emotions and sensations. It promotes heartfulness and with intention and regulation practices, it can also expand your window of tolerance. This can be especially helpful for those who continue to be immersed in … Read more


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