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“Roots to Thrive is an independent collaborative of professionals. While supported by a variety of stakeholder entities, the living curriculum remains and independent collaborative. While multiple individuals and agencies contributed to the initial development of RTT-KaT (Roots to Thrive + Ketamine-assisted Therapy), the program is solely hosted and operated through Vancouver Island University.”

October 2021. How COVID-19 Opened the Door to a New Era in Psychedelic Medicine:

October 2021. Vancouver Island University: Research and Creative Activity Highlights.  Publication.  Retrieved from:

June, 2021. Podcast: Routine Checkup: Ketamine Assisted Therapy w/ Dr. Shannon Dames. CBC: Sickboy

May, 2021. News Release.  Combining Psychedelics With Therapy To Manage Mental Health. Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.

May, 2021. Webinar: Growing from our Roots: Psychedelics, Resiliency and the Roots to Thrive Model. BC Psychosocial Rehabilitation Advanced Practice

February, 2021. Radio: We look at a ketamine-assisted therapy study out of Vancouver Island University. CBC: The Current

February, 2021. Print: Growing interest in psychedelic treatments for mental illness, but expert warns more robust research needed. CBC: The Current

February, 2021. Psychedelics-Assisted Therapy Could be the Future of Mental Health Support: The Navigator

January 2021. Provincial Funding to Support RTT-Research. Education News Canada

December 2020.  Webinar hosted by the Canadian Psychedelic Association:  Revolutionizing Mental Health: Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

December 2020. Webinar by Benny Bloomfield. Hosted by BCCSU: BC Centre on Substance Abuse: What’s New in Addiction Nursing

December 2020.  Experts favour use of magic mushroom derivatives for research into mental health treatment:  Nanaimo News Bulletin

November 2020.  Roots to Thrive Docu-video. By Peg Peters.

November 2020.  New psychedelic treatment being used to treat PTSD in health-care workers CTV News

September 2020. Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum. Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy (KAP): Mechanisms and Merits:

June 2020 Supporting Health-Care Professionals Suffering From Emotional Distress: Education News Canada

June 2020  Supporting Health-Care Professionals Suffering From Emotional Distress: Vancouver Island University News

June 2020  Roots to Thrive and Psychedelic-assisted Therapy: CBC Live Radio

June 2020  VIU Professor-Researches New PTSD Treatment- or Frontline Healthcare Workers: Print – My Cowichan Valley Now

June 2020  VIU Nursing Professor Receives $50,000 to Develop Psychedelic Therapies: CHLY Daily News 

January 2020. Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum: January Newsletter. Plants and Psychedelics 2020: Trail Blazing through Western Medicine:

2019 Exploring Compassion with Phil Dames: The Unshakable Man Podcast

2019 Men’s Group Facilitation Tips with Chris Wilson and Phil Dames: The Unshakable Man Podcast

2019 Making Emotions Allies and Not Enemies with Phil Dames: The Unshakable Man Podcast

2019 MSFHR: Inaugural KT Blog: Dr. Shannon Dames Encourages others to find their Roots to Thrive.

2019 Island Health Magazine: Caring for Healthcare Providers: Research to Enhance Resilience and Reduce Stress

2019 MSFHR: Spark Magazine: Growing Roots to Thrive: Building Caregiver Resilience.

2018 Island Health Authority NewsletterScreen Shot 2018-11-01 at 6.05.34 AM


2018-19 Research and Creative Activity Highlights.  Nursing Professor Receives $10,000 Reach Award.

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Peer Reviewed Articles and Chapters Published (or in Press)

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