Optional Alumni Group Sessions (Mindful Movement)

Thank you for your interest in signing up for a Mindful Movement group session offered by Dr. Jenna Creaser

What:  Mindful Movement to support your RTT journey – a yoga inspired class with meditation, breathing techniques and mindful gentle movements and exercises to help promote health + wellbeing. This is an all levels offering that will help guide participants into their bodies and the present moment. We will foster mindfulness and learn about nervous system regulation through gentle and accessible practices. Poses will be mainly chair (seated) and standing. We will also weave in concepts of integration after having an experience with ketamine, and build a sense of community.

Who:  This offering is open to alumni of all RTT programming with a valid BC PHN:  you do not have to be in the current Alumni Community of Practice to participate.

When:  dates/times are below

Cost: This offer is no cost, however, registration for the session and a valid BC PHN is required.

Where:  all sessions will be virtual.

To sign up, select from the options below.  Dr. Jenna will then follow up with you with an email.  Please note:  if you sign up for a session, please make sure you attend.  If you are unable to attend, please let navigator@rootstothrive.com and drjenna@risingrosewellness.ca know at least 24 hours in advance.  Thank you.

Mindful Movement with Dr. Jenna Creaser

To sign up for a group session facilitated by Jenna, please select the session below.  Each session is 70 minutes and has a maximum of 20 participants.  Participants can sign up for more than one session.  Depending on demand, there may be additional offerings.