Mental Illness or Spiritual Distress?

Perhaps it’s time we reclaim our spirituality

The body is a vessel of the spirit BEing, providing a spiritual container to actualize and connect, contributing to a grand and greater whole. When tuned in, the spirit is indomitable and abundant, fully aware of and aligned with a power greater than the vessel for which it inhabits. We are all this glorious combination of spirit and body.

The biology and conditioning of our nervous system develops within a blueprint of scarcity and fear. When we default to this fear, our thoughts, emotions and resulting behaviours emerge as projections of the old belief systems connected to our unhealed wounds. Our spiritual self is the conduit that connect us to a power greater than our physical selves, reminding us of our wholeness and enabling genuine and compassionate connection to each other and to the planet that hosts us.

Without spirit, the efforts of the body lack inspiration. Without buy-in from the body, the spirit becomes trapped, unable to actualize in the physical world

When immersed in a world fixated on adornments and the appraisal of others, our orientation to spirit shifts. The spontaneous, spirit-filled self feels incongruent with what the external world demands. As a result, the spirit becomes a threat to the body’s felt need to gain the approval of the conditioned world. As the spirit grows dimmer with each layer of conditioning, the defensive nervous system becomes our primary concern. Spiritual distress signals become a source of anxiety to the body, reminding us we have forgotten who we are. As a result, the relentless need to DO lacks spiritual inspiration, eroding our emotional energy stores, and causing dis-ease. When separated, out of tune with spirit, the body cannot navigate the world objectively. This separation leads to spiritual distress until we come back into tune. Tuning in is the process of re-learning what it means to be a human BEing.

Addressing spiritual distress begins with stepping into a new blueprint, moving from fear to abundance. We do this by finding containers that promote spiritual expression, enabling us to feel safe to BE authentic. In time, we regain the trust necessary to enable the body to come into right relationship with the spirit. With this trust, the conditioning falls away, and the spirit grows brighter. We reach a tipping point, the resistance of the body dissipates, enabling us to see the conditioning for what it is. We set our BEing free from the illusive conditions of the physical world, and our orientation shifts from fear to abundance. From this space, the spirit informs the DOing of the body, providing the ease, confidence, direction, and inspiration to live abundantly.