RTT KAT Individual Pilot

Thank you for your interest in signing up for the RTT-KAT Individual Pilot

The RTT-KAT Individual pilot is built on the foundations of Roots to Thrive (RTT) resilience theory, and customized to serve individual needs.  Your treatment will occur over a 3-4 week period and each participant will receive an intake with our lead intake nurse, Julia Sheffield.  Included also is an invidual KAT session with a therapist and RN present, as well as a 1:1 with a RTT KAT physician to discuss dosing.  There will also be two 1:1 prep sessions and two 1:1 integration sessions with your therapist.  At conclusion is an opportunity to assist RTT in building this program in a good way through a Quality Improvement discussion.

Below are some program highlights and details that can assist answer some of your questions.

Sample program layout:

  • Week one:  Comprehensive intake and first 1:1 prep session (both virtual)
  • Week two:  Second 1:1 prep session (virtual), dosing appointment with Dr.,  Individual KAT session (face to face) and first 1:1 integration session.
  • Week three: Second 1:1 integration session and Quality Improvement discussion (both virtual)
When is the pilot?  We are looking to start intake and prep sessions with participants in July
How many participants are eligible?  We have a maximum of five spaces for this pilot
Who is eligible?  All RTT-KAT alumni
What is the cost?   $1,600 + GST.  Payment via e-transfer or cheque required before intake can begin.
How do I sign up?  Please fill out the form below
What if I have questions?  You can email questions to navigator@rootstothrive.com
When is the deadline to sign up?  July 15th
Who will be the therapist?  Todd Haspect, RCC

RTT KAT Individual sign ups

To sign up please enter your information below.  Someone from our team will contact you to arrange next steps.