All profits go toward sponsoring those who cannot afford treatment.

 RTT takes place within an 8 or 12-week time frame, depending on the program, using unconditional positive regard & community as the primary medicines. RTT- KAT and RTT-PAT add in psychedelic assisted therapy with ketamine and psilocybin respectively. Within this framework, psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is a secondary, supportive tool, that aids in the removal of barriers to connection.

RTT and RTT-KAT participants are part of the same cohort and receive the same facilitated community of practice for 12 weeks. RTT-PAT participants meet separately, and for an 8 week cohort.

All participants receive:

  • a fulsome holistic intake assessment with our multi-disciplinary intake team
  • A customized wellness plan co-developed with our intake team
  • EFT and other somatic /energy medicine modalities
  • weekly education and integration opportunities 
  • access to alumni programming once completed the programming (at additional cost). RTT-PAT has an alumni program distinct from RTT and RTT-KAT

RTT-KAT additionally recieve:

  • 3 ketamine assisted therapy sessions, with the small group from their community of practice
  • optional group and one to one integration sessions following medicine sessions 
  • psychiatric consult at intake

RTT-PAT additionally recieve:

  • one psilocybin assisted therapy session, with the small group from their community of practice.
  • optional integration sessions following the medicine session
  • psychiatric consult at intake 
  • assistance as needed with applying for a Section 56 exemption, or a Special Authority Request

Costs for programming is as follows:

RTT – $2000 + GST* (where applicable)

RTT-KAT $5850 + GST* (where applicable)

RTT-PAT $2800 + GST* (where applicable)

*We are operating from a cost-recovery model, fees may change as service delivery costs change. All profits of the program are redirected to sponsor those who cannot afford treatment. The current pricing schedule assumes Medical Services Plan (MSP) registration in British Columbia. Non-residents of British Columbia, will have an additional $750 charge. International participants have an alternate fee schedule for all programs, and are not permitted to participate in RTT-PAT at this time.

If charged separately, the approximate cost of the contact hours with our team (clinical and non-clinical) is over $8,000.

Support Roots to Thrive

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