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The course schedule follows a framework where participants come to know the heart of their identity by: 

Practices are not Prescriptions.  There are many suggestions and exercises included in this curriculum; these are not intended as magic bullets, but to enhance  self-awareness through exploration, experimentation, and critical reflection on how each practice may or may not resonate with our unique needs and desires.

Course Preparation: To help track the inner through-line of our true identity, if possible:

1) Contact someone who knew you before you assimilated to societal/cultural ideals (before school age if possible).  Ask them what they recalled about you, what stood out to them? What did you like/drawn to? What did you dislike/resistant to?

2) Find a picture of yourself as a young child (ideally before school), reflect on what it was like at that age, can you remember what drew you in, what captured your heart?  Perhaps it is certain people, tasks, events, or activities that you remember getting lost in.    If you can’t recall any memories that young, can you think back to times as an older child where you were immersed in an activity/event/relationship?  Consider what drew you, what called you in those activities?  What was unique about them?  What made them special?

Course Objectives: This 5-week curriculum is intended to facilitate alignment between our most compassionate and authentic self, our professional identity,  and our relationships. We will do this by:

Coming to Know through Tools/Rituals to Promote Sense of Coherence and Congruence Development. For example,

ROOTS TO THRIVE Course Outline: Roots to Thrive Course Outline

ROOTS TO THRIVE Book: Theory/research behind the work: DRAFT