Integration Session#1

Continue recognizing what you notice as you go into your weekend.  Coming up to our weekly gathering, pay special attention to those moments you lose time/have fun/feel joy. Can you find the golden thread within those moments? Investigate what is it that is about these moments that is fulfilling you. This is continuing to track the through line as you go about your daily tasks/activities. Putting words to it can be difficult but powerful as you play with language and build inner trust (Agency) by feeling into what moves and calls you.

Stay connected:

Check in with your buddy by phone or in person this week.


To continuing dropping in, expanding awareness, regulating, opening your heart, and aligning, try out the below healing meditation.  Can you identify how this experience touches on each of the core practices?  If you are having a hard time dropping in, use the 4-7-8 breath to usher you into a more conducive way of being for visioning.
Begin a gratitude practice of your own.  We suggest naming 3 things each day that you are grateful for about yourself, enabling you to continue developing self-compassion.

Next Gathering We Will:

Settle in/Check in – Debrief your ‘naming’ experience.

Practice a tool or two to continue cultivating the 4 core practices we have been working with over the past two days (Awareness, regulating, heartfelt connection, Essence).

Begin Developing our Calling Statements

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