Integration Session #2

Continue cultivating awareness in your day, recognizing, allowing, investigating (cultivating non-attachment), and nurturing whatever arises (cultivating self-compassion).

Stay connected:

Check in with your buddy by phone or in person again this week.


Begin or continue a gratitude practice
Meet your Future Self Exercise (Brach, 2016)

Next Gathering We Will:

Check-in and discuss the alignment practice (future self/calling work)

We will discuss and co-create opportunities to embody this work, habitually resourcing throughout our day and attuning to the tools that help us self-regulate/attain homeostasis in our work and play.

Continue to notice and recognize as we expand awareness, work with our felt sense and nervous systems (regulating), cultivate open-heartedness (self and other compassion, gratitude…), practice authentic expression as we integrate the alignment work in our daily lives and relationships…

Showing up in this way can be a bit ’stretchy’ and it takes a lot of courage (and it takes courage to step back when needed too)! Keep working to cultivate self-compassion by intentionally being gentle in your approach, taking it slow so you can continue feeling your way through.  Pushing too hard can cause us to freeze, preening us from embodying the work, so play with that too.  Each time we feel we make mistake, or didn’t do something perfectly, this is an amazing moment to practice that self-compassion.   Recognize when you are activated/charged, investigate what lies beneath (what core message is it illuminating), nurture the emotions/felt sense that arises.

**side note, habits take about 66 days to form…have you thought about picking a tool that resonates and trying it out for 66 days?  Doing this moves us from effort/awkwardness to ease/automaticity.

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