Final Wrap-Up

For our final wrap-up meeting, if you have not taken part in or watched the last virtual session, please do so (recordings are within your community page).
We will use the time to check-in, review/practice some tools we touched on in the past 6 weeks, all of which develop sense of coherence and/or congruence:
  • working with our biology to interrupt the fight/flight and freeze at work/home. Recognizing our tendencies, the tendencies of our loved ones and colleagues. Observing common relational patterns (when fight meets flight, etc.).
  • recognizing and allowing emotions to come and go as they are.
  • developing a greater ability to self-soothe (as opposed to reaching for substance/activities) via self-compassion builders.
  • investigating thoughts/old belief systems from a place of non-attachment.
  • re-orienting with gratitude, optimism (after we take action/accept what is), and forgiveness.
  • cultivating Unconditional Positive Regard inwardly and outwardly.
  • working with our chemicals; how we can promote dopamine and serotonin to cultivate reward, pleasure, and joy.
  • aligning with desire/calling at work and at home.
…..connecting and pulling it all together.
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