Final Wrap-Up

We have spent the last 4 weeks cultivating sense of coherence and congruence by coming to know, attuning, strengthening, clearing, and aligning.  We do this by focussing on four core practices:

#1:   Awareness (internal & external, using all perceptive faculties)
#2:   Regulating stress response (including grounding, resourcing, re-orienting)
#3:   Softening and opening in the heart (cultivating connectedness/community, witnessing, compassion, UPR)
#4:   Strengthening sense of / alignment with essence (authenticity, wholeness)
For our final wrap-up meeting, if you have not taken part in or watched the last virtual session, please do so (recordings are within your community page).

To remember who we are, the resources that we have, and what inspires us, when time and desire aligns, continue:  

1. The gratitude practice (three things you are grateful for about yourself each day)   AND/OR  

2.  Pausing for self-compassion.  You can do this with Neff’s Self-compassion break or another practice that helps retrain our brains to direct loving-kindness inwardly:   …..connecting and pulling it all together. AND/OR

3. Create a tangible reminder (of YOU, your tribe, your resources): find something that reminds you of your resources, something you can access at any point in the day. Maybe this is a scent that brings you comfort, a picture, a figure, a reading, or a meditation.

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