Turning to the Trees…

By S.Dames and K.Hunter They came upon the Cedar tree. It showed them the breadth of their centre and the strength and limitations of their

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Talk to the Body

Somatic intelligence refers to our degree of awareness and ability to interpret and respond to the sensations of the body (De Silva, 2017).  When the

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Navigating Global threats

Like trees, our roots intertwine amid a forest of others, enabling an opportunity to collectively resource, taking what we need in times of need and

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Why Attachment Matters

Attachment reflects how securely rooted we are in our ‘real’ selves (congruence) and how confident we are to navigate life’s challenges (sense of coherence). I’ve

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Feeling into our Roots

Many of us can relate to the struggle to attend to emotions when immersed in a high stimulus and service oriented work environments (parenting young

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